CIL Translation, your translation specialist
in France, the French Antilles and the USA.

Created in 2010, CIL Translation offers professional translation services at affordable prices for professionals and individuals. The mission of CIL Translation, its team and its partners is to ensure impeccable and consistent content, within a short time and at reasonable costs.

Why choose CIL Translation to translate your texts?

Professional Quality

  • Rigor of our translators
  • Certified translations
  • Various areas of expertise

Quick & competitive

  • Reactivity and availability
  • Timely service
  • Competitive rates


  • Secured information
  • Non- disclosure
  • Confidential translations

CIL Translation – your professional translators

The need for translation is universal today. Whether your documents are for administrations, courts, commercial enterprises, organizations or the public, their translation must be perfect. CIL Translation works closely with highly qualified professional translators, certified and specialized.
By using CIL Translation, your translations will be flawless. For example, if you are a lawyer, notary or other legal professional and you need a specific translation in the field of law, CIL Translation offers a service adapted with the help of judicial translation experts. CIL Translation offers various specializations to meet the needs of many firms and companies but also individuals.

Translation specializations Include :

At CIL Translation, the process is simple and effective


Project analysis

We analyze your document and issue a quotation indicating the time needed for translation and optimizing your content according to your criteria.



Confirmation of your agreement.


Execution of translation work

Translation work and proofreading. Advice to the client if needed.



Delivery of the final translation (often before the deadline to allow the client a margin for comments)

Translators translating in over 20 languages

The languages available

The agency CIL Translation consists of international professional translators and native speakers. We offer over 20 languages available for official translations of the highest quality.

Additional languages

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with CIL several times when we need official documents translated, professional certified translations or when we’ve directed customers who wish to have a private language experience. We were delighted every time with the competence, professionalism and advice of the CIL team.
It’s a real pleasure to work with such a responsive team.”
Real Estate Agent

Working together

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