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Pricing depends on the number of words and the type of text. When analyzing your request, we will take into consideration your needs, the specialization of the work (legal translation, certified translation, technical translation, website translation etc.) but also of course the volume (number of pages and words to be translated; for larger volumes you can benefit from special rates) and the time required (same day translations, in 24 hours, in a week …). It is crucial that CIL Translation be able to analyze the contents of your documents for translation. When analyzing your request, CIL Translation verifies for example the existence of qualified resources to meet your needs. Also if there are any repetitions within your content, these repetitions will not be charged.

Include in your request

For an exact quote, please send your documents via the website CIL Translation or by email. Remember to specify the source language and the chosen language, and if you need a certified translation. If it is a translation into English, do you require British English or American English? The same goes for Spanish and Portuguese, which differ depending on the geographical areas and the target audience for your translations.

CIL Translation at your service

CIL Translation offers a personalized service. Please feel free to send us any information in order to optimize the quality of your translation. At CIL Translation we respond promptly and will guide you through the translation process if things are unclear to you.

Do you have any questions ? Contact us at contact@cil-translation.com

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