In the current global context, the need for high quality legal translation is increasing. Stakes are very high indeed.

With CIL Translation, your specialist in legal translation, you can be sure you’re getting perfect results. Your legal translations are of a high standard, regardless of the sector concerned. They are confidential and may be certified on request.

Examples of legal translations recently performed by CIL Translation

  • Deeds of sale
  • Marriage certificates
  • Deeds of assignments
  • Death certificates
  • Accounting balance sheets
  • Conditions of sale
  • Administrative contracts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Divorce records
  • Inheritance records
  • Judgments
  • Letters of intent
  • Powers of attorney
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Minutes
  • Regulations
  • Company incorporation
  • Expert reports
  • K-bis

Skilled translators

Legal translation requires years of experience, which result from:

  • Actual knowledge of the law
  • A perfect command of languages
  • A mastery of legal systems and their technical nuances

Through its network of experienced legal translators, CIL Translation is committed to treating your translations in absolute confidentiality and to ensuring their quality.

Our methodology


We analyze your project and propose a quote also indicating the timeframe required for legal translation.


You confirm your order by giving your agreement


We perform the work of translation and proofreading. During this phase, for a flawless result, we will also offer advice if required.


We deliver your legal translation, with comments if necessary to help you in your process.

Languages available for legal translation

The agency CIL Translation’s professional translators and native speakers translate over than 20 languages available. We offer the highest quality of translations.

Our legal translators

The legal sector is constantly evolving, so our specialist translators are permanently conducting research to update their knowledge and give you flawless translations.

Our legal translators, specialists in this sector, perform terminology researches. They know the subject and know how to adapt. Translation services are treated confidentially. If necessary, they are also certified translators, experts attached to a Court of Appeals, so that translations are accepted with confidence by attorneys, courts, administrations, or individuals. Only certified translators can affix their seal and thus give their translation legal status.

The certified translator proposes legal translations of a very high standard. Legal translations are very demanding, and need to be treated with full attention to detail.

Working together

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