With CIL Translation, specialists in technical translations, you can confidently expect perfect results. Your technical translations are of a high quality, regardless of the sector. They are confidential and may be certified on request.

Examples of areas related to technical translation

  • The Information Technology sector
  • The Telecommunications sector
  • The building sector
  • The technical sector related to the use of a machine
  • The  tourism sector
  • The economic and financial sector
  • The legal sector
  • The medical sector
  • Other sectors …

Technical translators with experience

Technical translation requires the work of a specialist. Regardless of the sector, the technical translation implies:

  • Real knowledge of the sector and its technical nuances
  • A perfect command of languages
  • A precise restitution in the target language of the terms used in the source language

The technical translator, specialist in one or more specific areas, also does a great deal of research.

He knows the subject and how to adapt his work for a flawless result.

Our methodology for processing your translations


Your project is carefully analyzed, which allows CIL Translation to submit a quote stating the timeframe required to meet your needs.


The order is confirmed after your agreement.


The translation and proofreading are executed. During this phase, we will also offer advice, as appropriate, for a perfect end result.


Your translation is delivered, along with additional comments if necessary to help you in your process.

Languages for technical translation offered by CIL

With CIL Translation, international professional translators and native speakers work for you. More than 20 languages are available for professional translations.

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What is a professional technical translator?

The professional translator is primarily a qualified professional.

He translates into a language and a field he fully masters. Beware of a translator that offers eight languages across all specializations. A true professional translator usually translates into two or three languages, even a single language, and specializes in certain areas.

It is better to have a specialist in one language, in one area, than a translator who does a bit of everything.

Indeed, the translation of a contract in English has nothing to do with the translation of a tourist magazine in Brazilian Portuguese. In style and form, these are not at all similar!

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