CIL Translation makes it a priority to offer customized translation service. You are taken care of by professional, experienced and efficient translators, who establish direct contact with the client to best meet his expectations.

CIL Translation Services

We translate from many languages around the world, and continue to develop and create close ties with our translators for mutual trust and positive results. The human factor is an essential part in translation work. It is important that our company, our translators, proofreaders and clients understand this, and ensure that good dialogue is established. So that everyone can enjoy peace of mind.

International translators

We operate internationally, including in the USA, France and the French West Indies. Each region has its own defining cultural and language characteristics, and our native translators  have excellent knowledge of  the region the are operating in.

Languages translated

The agency CIL Translation’s professional translators and native speakers translate over than 20 languages available. We offer the highest quality of translations.

Our list of translated languages

Translating is our specialty

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