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Throughout your translation request, it is best to send your documents in a simple format, Word or PDF. If you do not want or cannot go through the CIL Translation website you can also contact us to discuss all your needs.
With CIL Translation, the quality of your translations is guaranteed. All our translators are professionals, certified or professional, and are highly qualified. We promise accurate translations adapted to your needs. Using a non-professional translator is not recommended, as you could eventually have some very unpleasant surprises.
Your documents are treated with the strictest confidentiality. CIL Translation treats with absolute confidentiality all documents and all personal information entrusted to us. CIL Translation will not disclose your information at any time without your permission.

These guarantees do not, however, apply when the law requires CIL Translation to provide information or when such information is in the public domain.

The payment of your translations is made at the time you order. You can pay on-line with your credit card or via PayPal or by check or bank transfer if required.
In the unlikely event that the translation does not meet your expectations, it will be reworked, taking into account your comments until you get full satisfaction. However, if it does not match your requirements and you can justify this, then you will be refunded or compensated.
You can choose your timeframe according to your needs. Translation timeframes are determined in your quote. We make a point of addressing translations quickly, according to your expectations and to the extent possible.
A certified translation is generally required by French or foreign legal and administrative authorities, such as town halls, prefectures, courts or consulates. This may be for visas, legalization of marriage, a presence abroad, etc. A certified translation is often required by lawyers, notaries and other legal professionals, but also by businesses and individuals. On the contrary, free translation is often informative or commercial, such as the translation of websites, marketing brochures, advertisements, magazines or other media related to the activity of a company or an individual.
A certified translation is necessary if an official document is requested by a legal or administrative authority. This can be for example the certified translation of a passport, diploma, notary deed, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. In such case, a certified translation set out by a judicial expert attached to a Court of Appeals will be required. CIL provides such certified translations.
Our methodology is as follows:

  1. Project analysis and proposal of price and timeframe.
  2. Order Confirmation.
  3. Execution of translation and proofreading work.
  4. Delivery of translation on time.