CIL offers specialized website translation.

Are you a professional, a business? Are you in the Caribbean, France, the USA? Is your activity directly or indirectly linked to an international clientele?

To be successful, your website must appear in multiple languages. When translating a website, it is important that it does not seem to have been translated. The texts and other content need to be natural and professional. It is not only about  the language, but also format, punctuation, rates, times, measurements and of course cultural criteria that will please or offend the person browsing your site. The trust your customers place in you comes from all these elements. Your foreign language texts must be adapted to the culture of the country concerned and the customs of its citizens, so that the information is communicated naturally.

Studies show that most people look at websites only in their native language, even if they are fluent in another language.

No one will focus on a site in an unknown language, of course, but this is also true of a site that uses average quality language.

An unprofessional translation will even tend to scare away potential customers, who will then turn to competitors whose sites communicate in terms more attractive to consumers.

For international customers to trust you, your foreign language website must be perfect because it is the sign of the quality of your services.

Localization languages for your web application

The agency CIL Translation consists of international professional translators and native speakers. We offer over 20 languages available for official translations of the highest quality.

Why hire CIL Translation to translate your website?

CIL Translation guarantees quality translations, depending on your criteria, your market, your business goals and the target clientele.

All our translators and proofreaders are highly qualified translation professionals.

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